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The Generosity of the U.S. Colored Troops


In the weeks after Charlotte Scott expressed her dream for a monument to the martyred President paid for solely by Black Americans, news of her proposal made its way to the United Stated Colored Troops stationed in Natchez, Mississippi.  Their response was immediate and generous. In all, $12,150 was raised in short order by approximately 1,700 U. S. Colored Troops in and around Natchez, as well as freedmen living in Natchez.

6th U.S. Colored Heavy Artillery 

70th U.S. Colored Infantry

63rd U.S. Colored Infantry

58th U.S. Colored Infantry

Freedmen of Natchez

These funds represented a significant portion of the total fundraising of $18,000


Learn More About the Natchez Connection and the History of the Emancipation Monument.  

Visit Emancipation Monument YouTube Channel 


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