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Five Dollars and A Dream

The Emancipation Monument in Lincoln Park in Washington, D.C. is being threatened with removal. The legacy of Charlotte Scott's expression of gratitude by her suggestion and five dollar contribution are at risk of being forgotten once again.  The real-life man, Archer Alexander, seen rising from slavery, breaking his own chains, will be uprooted from this place of prominence in the nation's capital. 

History happened here--right here in Lincoln Park, Washington, D.C.  Black Americans erected a monument to President Lincoln, 46 years before the Lincoln Memorial on the National Mall.  Frederick Douglass gave a heartfelt and important oration at the dedication ceremony. For decades, the monument has served as a gathering place for Civil Rights events and Juneteenth Celebrations.

Representative Eleanor Holmes Norton (DC) has re-introduced legislation [H.R.729] requiring the National Park Service to remove the statue from where it has stood for over 100 years and place it indoors in a museum. 


Learn More About the History of the Emancipation Monument.  

Visit Emancipation Monument YouTube Channel 


Join a Petition to Oppose the Removal of the Emancipation Monument

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